12743 Nemo Road
Nemo, SD 57759
For reservations call:
Bonnie Osland 651-260-8616
Al Einberger 612-868-3657
Dean Osland 651-260-8617

ATV Rental

ATV Rentals

Mad Mountain Summer Adventures will be offering ATV Rental from Nemo Guest Ranch. 6 machines will be onsite with additional machines available upon request from 8:00 am-6:00 pm Monday through Sunday. For more information contact Melissa Boullion 605-578-7726 or the Nemo Guest Ranch 605-578-2708.

There are three general theories as to why the area was named Nemo:

  1. From Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".
  2. An Indian word meaning "Nowhere".
  3. Omen spelled backwards.

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Thank you for your interest in the Historic Nemo Schoolhouse. It is our pleasure to offer you a unique historical lodging experience in the grandeur of "Paradise Valley" and the Black Hills National Forest.

The old schoolhouse desks are replaced by modern, comfortable furniture in the beautifully restored Nemo Schoolhouse. Where students once studied, you can now relax in comfort in the heart of Paradise Valley gazing out upon Nemo Mountain.

The Nemo Schoolhouse was built in 1926 and functioned as a grade school and high school until 1994. It has since been restored and elegantly furnished to retain the atmosphere of the original schoolhouse. It still maintains characteristics and charm such as the original slate blackboard and an original table with "lovingly" carved initials.

The Nemo Schoolhouse was listed on the South Dakota and National Register of Historic Buildings July 17, 1996. It is located in the town of Nemo, which is 16 miles from Rapid City, 17 miles from Sturgis, and 18 miles from Deadwood on Nemo Road in South Dakota.

Nemo, South Dakota 1889 - Present

Early settlers came to the Nemo area in the late 1800's. Many of them located mining claims or took their chances on squatter's rights to get some land to call their own. Later, they would use the Homestead Act to legalize their claim to ownership.

In 1899, a Location Certificate for the Nemo Placer (143.14 acres) was filed by T. J. Grier, W. E. Smead, George Foglesong, E. L. Billings, R. O. Robinson, James Hoyt, John Peterson and T. D. Murrin. A year later it was deeded to the H & H Company and in 1903, the H & H Company sold the Nemo Placer to Homestake Mining Company for $200,000.

By this time, there were at least 200 residents living in the area.

Click Here to read more about the history of Nemo, SD as written by the Nemo Centennial Association in the book titled "Nemo South Dakota; One Hundred Years"...

History of the Nemo School

Due to high enrollment, the Nemo School was built in 1926. Students moved into this new building in 1927. It was an exciting event because the new building had modern plumbing and a two furnace heating system. The new school accommodated both grade school and high school students. Grades one through eight were taught in the lower rooms. High school students used the upper level where there was also a library and a science lab. Home economics was taught in the basement.

Click Here to read more about the history of the Nemo School as written by the Nemo Centennial Association in the book titled "Nemo South Dakota; One Hundred Years"...

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